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Font display issue with Fulah Unicode glyphs


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In Firefox localized pages, fonts don't display these characters correctly: Ɓ ɓ Ƴ ƴ Ŋ ŋ Ɗ ɗ... they seem to be replaced by a locally Unicode available font as shown on this picture.

We should find a solution maybe by using more standard Unicode font or design these glyhs for the font that Mozilla is using on the website.
Thanks for the report.
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Duplicate of bug: 776905
Not a duplicate, Fulah is an African language  with a couple special unique glyphs, I think Open Sans doesn't support it at all, I am almost sure that fixing bug 776905 won't solve this one.
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Four glyphs exactly (Extended Latin B)
Ɓ ɓ Ƴ ƴ Ŋ ŋ Ɗ ɗ
Still relevant.
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Thanks for the workaround. But maybe a Sans Serif font would match Open Sans better. Also, I believe Mozilla should not use a font that don't support languages that are active like Fulah.
It is so easy for the creator of Open Sans to add Extended Latin glyphs!
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Hey guys, good news! My favorite Japanese font family M+ has the missing glyphs and "M+ 2c light" could be a fine combination with Open Sans Light. See the attached screenshot. M+ is a free font, so we can borrow those glyphs. Do you wanna try it?
Actually the Mozilla Japan Web site ( had been using the M+ font family before replacing with a similar Web font.
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Fix Bug 776967 - Font display issue with Fulah Unicode glyphs
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Fix Bug 776967 - Font display issue with Fulah Unicode glyphs
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/ff/firefox/new/ screenshot on Ubuntu

Actually the current /ff/firefox/new/ page is an old version and Open Sans is no used. I think this fix is only for /ff/firefox/*/whatsnew/.
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Open Sans is a very nice font but it lacks dozens of glyphs for non Western languages. It is a shame that Mozilla used such a limited font that does not cover most African languages. When we mean global, we mean more languages supported, don't we?
Thanks all
I don't know if there is Open Sans alternatives. We cannot cover all languages with one single font. Technically it might be possible, but think about Asian languages; Japanese, my mother tongue, has thousands of characters and the size of the original M+ font file is 1.5 MB. It's still a subset of all Japanese characters. Forcing users to download a 1.5 MB font file is not acceptable, right?

Luckily M+ is a free, good combination with Open Sans and it has many glyphs that are missing in Open Sans. Like Fulah, we can generate it's subset anytime to offer a great Web experience to everyone while reducing the bandwidth usage of users. It requires a little additional work but I believe it's a realistic approach.
FYI, the subset I have generated for Fulah is only 1.7 KB.
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