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Add test cases to ensure correct address fields layouts are being applied


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(Whiteboard: [form autofill:V2])

As we support more locales, we need to think about what to use as the default country. There are several options:

Use the region from which Firefox is first used (geoip)
- This is not visible to users and can't be changed easily

Use the locale country
- Intuitive but this might be different from where the user lives in, and there's no reliable way to determine if, for example, FR should be France or Canada.

Use the US or a generic layout
- In the cases above, if the country we default to has fewer valid fields, like Germany and many European countries, which do not use Province, the field would be hidden by default. This could be bad UX if the user lives in US or Canada. Use a layout that has most fields and most generic labels could avoid this problem.
Assignee: nobody → scwwu
As of now, I think we've already achieved the desired behaviours:
GeoIP is used to determine the default country. If the country is not in the list of supported countries, it will fall back to US.
Since Bug 1421538 we're starting to show the default country when creating new addresses. When editing an address with empty country field, the layout for the default country is used, and falls back to US if it's not supported yet.
Summary: Determine what country to use as default for address fields layout → Add test cases to ensure correct address fields layouts are being applied
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