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Don't support a list of selectors in ::slotted yet


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Other browsers don't, and that allows them to use the rule hash for fast selector-matching.
If others don't... we probably should make the spec match it, and maybe add notes for future extension...
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Bug 1425757: Don't support a list of selectors in ::slotted yet.

::: servo/components/selectors/
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>          assert!(parse("::slotted(div + bar)").is_err());
>          assert!(parse("::slotted(div) + foo").is_err());
>          assert!(parse("div ::slotted(div)").is_ok());
>          assert!(parse("div + slot::slotted(div)").is_ok());
>          assert!(parse("div + slot::slotted(").is_ok());
> -        assert!(parse("div + slot::slotted(.foo, bar, .baz)").is_ok());

Maybe changes to `assert!(parse(...).is_err());` and add a TODO here that if at some point we start supporting it again, we can simply flip the assertion here.

::: servo/components/style/
(Diff revision 1)
>              Bucket::LocalName {
>                  name: &,
>                  lower_name: &selector.lower_name,
>              }
>          }
> +        Component::Slotted(ref selector) => find_bucket(selector.iter()),

I'm a bit uncertain about this. So a rule with `::slotted()` may be put into a bucket which is either for the originating slot element, or the assigned element. Would that cause any trouble in selector matching?

This may be worth a bit more comment, I guess.
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Could you file an issue to relevant spec to propose a spec change given the implementation status of this among browsers as well as the fact that doing it makes it easier to optimize?
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(Also, this landed in
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