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Bug 1424373, which causes some users to unknowingly and automatically send crash reports from crashed background tabs, was introduced in Firefox 52 and discovered and patched in Firefox 59. This tracker covers cleaning up the downstream effects of that bug.

We do not know the exact impact of 1424373, as we cannot distinguish between users that chose to auto-submit crashes and users that triggered the bug. While we designed the crash reporting system to be difficult to map back to individuals, we need to be mindful that crash dumps contain the contents of the crashing tab. With low frequency they may contain private or identifying information. 

With this in mind, we are patching affected Firefox clients and deleting data from Mozilla systems.

In Firefox, we are (1) fixing the bug that erroneously sets the auto submit preference; and (2) disabling auto-submission for all Firefox versions with this bug. Bug 1424373 includes a hotfix and upliftable patch covering all impacted versions.

In Socorro we are taking steps to delete data on our systems and prevent receipt of any additional data resulting from this bug. We retain crash reports for up to one year, so the whole data set is potentially impacted. We will add measures to discard new, automatically submitted crashes from affected versions, and then delete all crash reports collected prior to that deploy. Our goal is to have this data deleted in the next ten days. Specifically we are:

1. Adding a rule at the edge server to discard any newly submitted crashes from impacted versions before we record them anywhere
2. Using a low TTL to queue for deletion all raw and processed crashes collected prior to the above deploy
3. Deleting downstream copies of crash reports in the telemetry data warehouse
4. Delete partial crash reports stored in elasticsearch and postgres
5. After raw and processed crashes are deleted, restoring 6 month TTL

Dependent bugs to be filed off this one.
Assignee: nobody → chris.lonnen
Depends on: 1427117
instead of low TTL we used delete-before-timestamp rule
The data is deleted, filters are in place, updates are going out. No need for this to remain confidential.
Group: mozilla-employee-confidential
See Also: → 1427066
See Also: 1427066
Duplicate of this bug: 1427104
Closed: 3 years ago
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