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When building against pulseaudio >= 2.0, the resulting build does a buffer overflow read with pulseaudio < 2.0


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I know these are old versions of pulseaudio, but as a matter of fact, ubuntu 12.04 is on 1.1, so this is not entirely an hypothetical problem.

We're currently saved because what we ship is built against pulseaudio 0.9.something, which doesn't enable the code that will do the buffer overflow read.
To make things clearer, this is a problem with the C pulseaudio backend, not with the rust one.
Oh, and I should mention, the reason this is a going to be a problem is that bug 1399679 is going to change the build environment we use to build Firefox, and that will be using pulseaudio 2.0 headers, which enable the code doing the buffer overflow read.
Blocks: 1399679
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Bug 1427150 - Don't get some default sink info based on the pa_sink_info build-time size.

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Bug 1427150 - Update cubeb from upstream to 43e15fc.
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As this was merged upstream just on top of what was already the commit used in mozilla-central, I replaced the two patches here with a "Update cubeb from upstream to 43e15fc" that has the same changes, plus an update of README_MOZILLA for the git sha1.
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Update cubeb from upstream to 43e15fc. r=kamidphish
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