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Stop using INSTALL_EXTENSION_ID to build calendar.


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Not set


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Thunderbird 61.0
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This logic is going away, and it makes the build simpler as well.
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Package lightning directly as part of thunderbird; r=me
Closed: 6 years ago
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What is this actually doing?
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This is getting rid of all the special case code to package an XPI for lightening, to then turn around and install all those files as part of thunderbird (part of that depends on makefile logic in m-c that is going away). Instead, this just installs the files directly into thunderbird where it will get picked up by the installer.

The primary reason for this is that the automation around packaging and L10n repacks in taskcluster isn't happy with the extra XPI being generated. In addition, since the code for handling lightening was unique, it created a maintenance burden as changes happened to the m-c L10n code, that needed to be ported to lightening.
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I don't think it was a good idea to do this:

Like this, we can't switch off Calendar any more in mail/config/mozconfigs/common :-(
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Discussed on IRC, will fix it right now.
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Follow-up: Don't unconditionally reference calendar locales. r=tomprince (via IRC)
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Jorg, this seems to have been uplifted to the beta TB 60 branch. Could you change the tracking flags if this hasn't been a mistake.
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Like so?
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Thanks. Just wanted to be sure because I need to backport additional parts of bug 1451847 now.
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To build langpacks for the lightning package I use:
make AB_CD=en-US L10N_XPI_NAME=lightning libs-$lang
That worked in 52, with this change applied, it no longer works. How can I build the langpacks for the lightning extension for the case we're building TB for the Linux distro (ie. we provide locales to the users without need of downloading them from mozilla)?
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