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Stop reporting legacy Telemetry component `Telemetry Log`


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This bug is for stopping TelemetryLog from being reported, and updating any documentation and tests.

To stop the reporting, we ought to be able to just have TelemetrySession report null for payload.log.

There are a few places where it is tested and documented.

This may have interesting interactions with the Telemetry Experiments part of this project, as they are the only user of TelemetryLog.
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This patch only removes the data from the ping payload data. Internally it's still collected, just never exposed.

There's still one user left: Experiments.jsm
Their tests use the interal `TelemetryLog.entries` API, which continues to work for now.

Do we need to migrate them over to some other reporting mechanism first?
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Fixed a small mistake in chosing the right documentation header
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Stop reporting legacy Telemetry component `Telemetry Log`

Review of attachment 8960511 [details] [diff] [review]:

When you tackle bug 1443608 you'll probably end up removing the offending test. It may or may not make more sense to deal with it first.

As for the patch, looks good. Can you put an obsolete notice on the "main" ping docs like we did for threadHangStats?
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Stop reporting legacy Telemetry component `Telemetry Log`. r=chutten
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