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Proposal: Create groups for products


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User Story

When creating a product, you must specify either an existing bug-group OR choose an option to create a new group. Each product must have a 
default' group. There is no "default" for this on the form.

For migrations from existing databases, we'll have figure out what the behavior should be.
the "BMO" extension adds a default (bug) group to products.
This group has a special property -- you can always file bugs into it.
This was added in Bug 1173442.

I want to move that schema change into Bugzilla/,
and I have done this in the BMO PR: mozilla-bteam/bmo#462

However this presents a bootstrapping problem.
By default checksetup doesn't create any bug groups, and as a result you get this error on the enter bug page:

undef error - Can't call method "name" on an undefined value 

There are potentially two ways to solve this (aside from making default product groups optional):

1. Add a default bug group ('security-bug' or something)
2. Make it so that when creating new products, we always create a bug-group for that product.

I'm very much in favor of #2, as this fits the BMO workflow quite well.

Discussion on this is welcomed for the next week.
Userstory reflects my current proposal.
User Story: (updated)
I'm worried about creating secure groups by accident here and bugs going into them unseen. 

Maybe a configuration that says "which group is the default security group for new products"?

Asking :wennie and :dveditz for their take on this.
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This would only apply if there are no existing groups in the system.
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User Story: (updated)
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