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Suggestion box does not close on click over another window itself partly over the text input


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Open another window partly over the Firefox one.
2. Type some text in a text input field that provides suggestions.
3. Click over the other window at a position that would correspond to the text input if this other window were not over it.

Note: For 2, this can be the search field in a Firefox toolbar or an input field in a document window. Both have the same issue.

Actual results:

Nothing happens.

Expected results:

The suggestion box should have been closed.

The problem seems to be that Firefox considers only the position of the mouse pointer, not whether the click occurred in the text input field or over another window.
Attached image screenshot
I've attached a screenshot. Here I've typed some text in the search bar. You can see some suggestions below. The black part is a window that partly covers the Firefox one. A click over it (just above the suggestions) yields the issue: nothing happens.
Hi Vincent, thanks for reporting this issue.

Are you able to reproduce this issue in newer versions of Firefox?
Flags: needinfo?(vincent-moz)
Component: Untriaged → Layout: Form Controls
Product: Firefox → Core
I can reproduce this bug with the latest Nightly: 61.0a1 (2018-04-09).

Note: This bug does not occur with the address bar. But it occurs with
  * the Search element that can be added to a tool bar with "Customize...";
  * simple (standard) text input fields, such as the Quick Search one on
Flags: needinfo?(vincent-moz)
Priority: -- → P3
I can confirm this is still happening with Firefox 63.0.1. As Vincent said, this is not a problem in the address bar, but in most other input fields.
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