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Convert mozscreenshots to a webextension


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(firefox64 fixed)

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No longer depends on: 1411641
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Dup of bug 1422437 ?
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No, mozscreenshots (browser/tools/mozscreenshots) is used in automation, it is different from the user-facing "Firefox Screenshots" which is tracked in the bug you referenced.
Flags: needinfo?(aswan)
Some notes on the attached patch:

Try run (linux only):

Screenshots comparison page from try run:

One quirk with the port is that I converted all the extension urls from chrome: to resource:  This was mostly fine except for the devtools tests which apparently relied on this code:

When navigating from a chrome: url to a data: url, this was a remoteness change which tore down the old browser and closed devtools gracefully.  When the page being tested switched to resource:, that navigation just became a regular navigation that left devtools open.  This led to a race during shutdown that caused test hangs.  I addressed this by having browser_devtools.js explicitly clean up which isn't the tidiest solution but it was expedient...
Even new comparison:

There are a bunch of differences, many of them one-time changes related to pages used in the tests changing urls (from chrome: to resource:).  The rest appear to be inconsistencies that are not currently flagged as such in the comparison backend.
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Convert mozscreenshots to a webextension r=MattN
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