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Allow toolbox to call getProcess when debugging a localTab


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Currently, a toolbox debugging a local tab has a debugger server with allowChromeProcess set to false. This prevents us from retrieving child process actors which are needed in order to completely list all the currently running service workers. 

The goal of this bug is to flip the allowChromeProcess to true in TabTarget::makeRemote
See Also: → 1445197
As discussed earlier, assigned to you Belén :) 

Let me know if you have any question, :jryans will probably be the best reviewer for this patch.
Assignee: nobody → balbeza
Here are some steps to validate that we solve the issue raised in Bug 1445197.

- build with the patches from Bug 1445197 
  `hg pull -r 0c4b59df5b3e413cd436a2769ddbf4db1326f490`
- go to about:config
- set devtools.application.enabled to true
- go to
- open DevTools > Application Panel
  (you should see one worker listed for "")
- if it is not started, start the worker
- click on the Debug link next to "Source service-worker.js"
- in the toolbox that opens, go to the Debugger, and set a breakpoint on L18 of service-worker.js
  `var request = event.request;`
- reload the page

=> currently the breakpoint is not hit, 
   with the patch you should hit the breakpoint
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Bug 1454895 - allow toolbox to call getProcess when debugging a local tab.

Thanks, this looks good to me. :) I feel like I should apologize for target.js a bit...  It's quite a mess these days.  Hopefully it is not too discouraging to see such a crazy module...  We plan to rework it extensively as part of Fission work, so ideally it will less crazy soon.
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allow toolbox to call getProcess when debugging a local tab. r=jryans
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