Clean-up native widget resizer awareness of RTL/writing-mode




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With bug 1459646 and bug 1450017, minimal-xul.css & nsScrollbarFrame are the only places we figure out set the resizer direction and style. There is no need for the widget code to peek into IsFrameRTL() when rendering the resizer.

We should remove the feature from widget code. The tests should be kept and this bug should be linked to the bugs implementing the features.
I won't be able to review the code change but I am happy to point out where they are if there is any contributor willing to work on it.
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Hello, I'll give it a shot. From what you described, I understand that I should remove all the IsFrameRTL() calls from widget. That would mean to remove it from all nsNativeTheme*.* files, even though it is heavily used (in nsNativeThemeWin.cpp) , right? IsFrameRTL() is also used as assignment value in branches (e.g. line 1127 in nsNativeThemeWin.cpp) so I'm not sure how to proceed. I'm waiting for your feedback. Thanks.
First, let's ask Neil if he has other thoughts. You should ask him for review.

(In reply to Petru Gurita from comment #2)

You should only identify and remove the IsFrameRTL() calls for rendering native resizers, not all the calls in the entire file.
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Clearing expired ni.
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