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fix service worker performance-timeline.https.html test to not timeout if bufferfull event is not supported


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Currently we don't dispatch bufferfull events on worker threads.  This causes the performance-timeline.https.html WPT test to completely timeout.  Lets make this test detect this as a failure instead so we can get the rest of the test coverage to run.

I need this test to be at least partly working in order to check the new e10s configuration for service workers.
Blake, this test is timing out because we do not fire the bufferfull event in any worker thread context.  I'd like to be able to get the coverage from the other test cases here, though.

So this patch makes the test detect the missing event without timing out the entire WPT file.  It does this by racing the event dispatch against another fetch request.  Since the API must record new resource requests as they occur, it seems reasonable that it should fire the event before another request can be processed.  This seems better to me than a setTimeout with an arbitrary delay, etc.
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Fix performance-timeline.https.html to not timeout if bufferfull event is not fired in service worker. r=mrbkap
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