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[meta] green up service worker tests with e10s pref flipped


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Now that we are getting closer to be able to turn on the e10s pref we can start running tests and trying to get them green.  I'll hang various fixes off of this.

The starting point here is with patches from bug 1459209 and bug 1462069.
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Whiteboard: SW-MUST
Depends on: 1469882
Depends on: 1469941
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My current work-in-progress patch queue has green WPT and mostly green mochitests.  Main failing mochitests are things like devtools, browser chrome tests, etc.
Depends on: 1470286
Valentin, as I discuss in comment 0 I want to preserve channel creation and async open time across internal redirects.  Our current practice of resetting the start of the channel time on every internal redirect produces overly optimistic numbers since it ignores real network stack execution time.

Also, I need this in order to properly track time across the additional internal redirects used by the new service worker parent intercept.  There is a test that verifies that the service worker intercept time is accurately reported.  Currently its missed in this mode without a change like this.
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Thanks for the review.  I accidently put this patch and review on the wrong bug.  I'll move it to the correct bug before landing.
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Propagate channel creation and async open time across internal redirects. r=valentin

Moved to bug 1470286.
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