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relocate tab audio indicator to other side because current position is not touch-friendly


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Steps to reproduce:

Small issue I noticed using Firefox on a Surface tablet: the tab audio indicator is right beside the tab close button, which is way too close for touchscreen use, so if you want to mute that tab by tapping on the tab audio indicator, you can easily tap the tab close button. Edge has it on the other side and this is the better choice not just for touch but probably in general, it also makes more sense visually to have the audio icon beside the tab favicon (I'm sure even people that use mice have accidentally closed tabs when they meant to click the audio indicator)

Expected results:

screenshot attached, Edge on top, Firefox bottom
Component: Untriaged → Tabbed Browser
Keywords: uiwanted
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Blocks: fx-touch
No longer blocks: 1158152

Just thought it's worth adding: I just came across a Chrome developer that said one of the reasons they no longer allow users to mute/unmute via the tab audio icon is because it could result in people accidentally closing the tab because the icon is beside the close tab button, so we really should move it to beside the favicon. It's current location is not only an issue for touchscreen use.

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