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[meta] Make Firefox more touch-friendly


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(Depends on 24 open bugs)


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Starting in FF52 we have enabled touch events in Firefox for configurations that have e10s enabled. This has caused a number of usability regressions when using Firefox on Windows touch devices. I've been trying to fix these as they come up but I think it would be worth having somebody who actually knows the front-end code take a look at some of these issues. They would be able to fix them much faster/better than I can. In most cases I've basically done the bare minimum needed to get things to a reasonable state but there's often a lot of room for improvement. I'm filing this meta bug to track the front-end issues I've already fixed as well as ones that haven't yet been addressed.
Depends on: 1344446
Depends on: 1346367
Depends on: 1362065
Depends on: 1389094
Depends on: 1396340
Depends on: 1405504
OS: Unspecified → Windows
Hardware: Unspecified → All
Version: unspecified → Trunk
Alias: fx-touch
Depends on: 1363147
Depends on: 1338307
Depends on: photon-touch
Depends on: 1410354
Depends on: 1383003
Depends on: 1410353
Depends on: 1409698
Depends on: 1397755
Depends on: 1428909
Depends on: 1423604
Depends on: 1443710
Depends on: 1538491
Depends on: 1540575
Depends on: 1472317
Depends on: 789906
Depends on: 1393423
Depends on: 1393102
Depends on: 1184759
Depends on: 1365121
Depends on: 1292900
Depends on: 1167299
Depends on: 1195715
Duplicate of this bug: 1158152
Summary: [meta] Make Firefox front-end more touch-friendly → [meta] Make Firefox more touch-friendly
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