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Using bookmark mirror sometimes causes unwanted reversion of bookmark operations


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Steps to reproduce:

While using bookmark mirror I noticed that after a while Sync was always reverting one of my bookmark operations. 

I moved ten bookmarks to another folder by dragging and dropping. That operation was completed, even after manually triggering a sync. Then some minutes later I noticed that the bookmarks were moved back to their original folder in 'other bookmarks'. 

I could only solve this by disabling services.sync.engine.bookmarks.buffer. Moving the bookmarks multiple times was always reverted.
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Thanks for the report! Could you please enable trace logging (install, then choose "Actively looking for issues and want detailed logging" under "General Options" in about:sync), try moving the bookmarks again, and attach the logs to this bug?
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I tried to move some bookmarks again and ran into problems. 
The attached sync logs should show bookmarks that aren't in the folders they are supposed to be in, that aren't in correct order and that don't get synced with synced Firefox installations where bookmark mirror isn't enabled (don't know if that's to be expected, I guess not). 

You probably noticed I also filed a performance bug. While trying to move these bookmarks around I got very long complete hangs of Firefox with slow sql statements in 
/* do not warn (bug 487594) */ SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(tag_title, :private) FROM ( SELECT t.title AS tag_title FROM moz_bookmarks b JOIN moz_bookmarks t ON = +b.parent WHERE = (SELECT id FROM moz_places WHERE url_hash = hash(:page_url) AND url = :page_url) AND t.parent = :tags_folder ORDER BY t.title COLLATE NOCASE ASC ) /* places.sqlite */ 
(35 hits, 3789 ms)
UPDATE moz_places SET frecency = CALCULATE_FRECENCY(id) WHERE frecency = -1 /* places.sqlite */ 
(3 hits, 213901 ms).
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Attached file sync_log_moving_bookmarks (obsolete) —
Oh, I'm sorry, I meant the Sync logs, not the validation export. There's an option in About Sync to download the logs as a zip file, under "Log Files and Diagnostics", or you can see them in `about:sync-log`. But that `CALCULATE_FRECENCY` statement suggests bug 1463938, where we try to recalculate all frecencies at the end of the sync. I wonder if the other statements are queuing up behind it.

Could you please run this query in About Sync (there's a "SQL" tab under "bookmarks" in `about:sync`) to see how many URLs need new frecencies?

SELECT count(*) FROM moz_places WHERE frecency = -1
Attachment #8989476 - Attachment is obsolete: true
The file is 38 MB, I uploaded it here:

That statement gives me 44 URLs.
I can't reproduce this anymore. I think this might be fixed by bug 1474033.
Cool, I'll close this out, but please reopen if you see the issue again. Thanks for testing~!
Closed: 4 years ago
No longer depends on: 1474033
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I am syncing a new Nightly installation with bookmark buffer now and I am seeing strange things happening to my bookmarks again. Some bookmarks get put in a different folder on the new installation and some regularly change their order.
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