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Add Haptic Feedback support to gfxVRExternal and VRSessionOpenVR


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Bug 1473397 - Implement haptic feedback support for gfxVRExternal and OpenVRSession
- Implemented 1ms, 10ms, and 100ms VR tasks, dispatched from
- Removed Android-specific code that compensated for
  tasks that did not run when the...

Daosheng Mu[:daoshengmu] has approved the revision.
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I have rolled in some fixes to intermittent test failures and some of our thread safety issues into this patchset.  They were causing many try failures with the changes I was introducing for scheduling sub-frame tasks.

Handy link for diff for the patch revision since the one you reviewed earlier:

I've kicked off a new try run to see if it clears up now.  This may also help with the other crash related bugs we are seeing:
Last try push revealed memory leaks.  I've updated the patch and pushed again:
I have updated the puppet test code to better handle the now asynchronous creation of puppet controllers, which should hopefully fix the last test failure that is still blocking this from landing.

I've pushed to try to verify that it's fixed:
Although tests passed locally, it appears that we still need to generate vsync for headless mochitests running on the try server.  I've updated the patch and pushed to try again:
I have updated the patch to disable the intermittent mochitests in dom/vr/test/mochitest which were failing all the time with this patch applied.  They will be fixed properly and re-enabled as part of the refactoring for gfxVRPuppet in Bug 1466702
(Refactor gfxVRPuppet.cpp to use gfxVRExternal interface).
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Implement haptic feedback support for gfxVRExternal and OpenVRSession r=daoshengmu
Closed: Last year
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Depends on: 1494490
Depends on: 1494556
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