Investigate Android child process launch failures




11 months ago
11 months ago


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This is roughly the Android equivalent of bug 1476811.  One of the debug crashes I'm removing in bug 1475382 (opaquely named `MOZ_RELEASE_ASSERT(13 == 14)`) indicates that LaunchAndroidService failed, and it's currently being hit about 25 times/week on Fennec Nightly.  (The `product` key is "FennecAndroid"; I don't know whether or not that includes GeckoView.)  Skimming the crash reports, it's mostly GeckoMediaPlugin processes but sometimes a content process.

I don't think we'll ever avoid launch failure, especially on resource-constrainted mobile devices, but it might be useful to gather data and get an idea of how prevalent this is, how it affects user experience, what we can/should do about it, etc.

(For example, on Mac we discovered and fixed bug 1469691 by looking into launch failures like that.)

I'm not sure if this is the right bug component, but the Android process launch glue isn't technically part of IPC and I don't know much about it.
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