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Add infrastructure to generate enums from the rust definition instead of duplicating code.


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Going to need this to make appearance not suck.
We use the same setup WR uses, which is checking-in the files.

But I think it's much better than keeping the two things in sync manually :)

When you add a new value, you need to add it to the rust source, then run the
command, but since it doesn't need to build the style crate (it uses the Rust
AST, doesn't build) there's no problem.
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Bug 1478330: Generate StyleDisplay using cbindgen. r=xidorn,heycam

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Generate StyleDisplay using cbindgen. r=heycam
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Backed out changeset 230ea1f373ff for Linting failure on a CLOSED TREE
That failure is not related to this patch. Looks like a server error.
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Generate StyleDisplay using cbindgen. r=heycam
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