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Configure scripts don't pass flake8


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Bug 1406668 attempted to enable flake8 on build/moz.configure/*.configure files, however due to a bug in our flake8 integration those files were not actually being linted unless you explicitly specified the file path.

The flake8 integration issue was since fixed by bug 1473308, but I had to skip most of the *.configure files (they were either never flake8 compliant, or bustage slipped in after the fact).

To re-enable them, remove this line:

Note there other *.configure scripts scattered around the tree that are skipped in there as well.
Sigh, does that mean we'll have even more rules to deal with?  The rules for whitespace lines already make writing *.configure files annoying.
build/moz.configure/*.configure is almost green and almost didn't regress in 10 months.
What are your concerns? (these checks are enabled at review phase btw)
Keeping it open for the other configure files
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bug 1478338 - Fix some flake8 regression in moz.configure/ r?froydnj

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Fix some flake8 regression in moz.configure/ r=froydnj
I will have a look, thanks!
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The leave-open keyword is there and there is no activity for 6 months.
:sylvestre, maybe it's time to close this bug?

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Closing, we should open a new bug to continue the work

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