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Unifinder does not remember the last selected state on startup


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The Unifinder falls always back to "Events in the next 7 Days" on startup. Changes after the start are stored until restart.
Would be worth checking if this wasn't the same way before. I seem to remember that given "All Events" had perf issues, we decided to always reset to something known to not produce any, so that users that select "All Events" wouldn't be stuck with a slow Lightning forever.
Then this should only happen when "All Events" is set but this also resets when it's set to "Today's Events" which should be less perf using than "Events in the next 7 Days".
nfm. It resets after restart to "Events in the next 7 Days" of TB.
Oh sorry, I was a bit brief. I meant a patch that changes it to only reset if it is a bad perf view like "All Events" would work for me.
This is always set to 7 days, regardless of you configured today or 14 days before closing TB. Persistiting to xulstore works, its a matter of not restoring the predating configuration at startup.
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This fixes the cause of the problem with the menulists (not just this one, but they are rare), and also another stuff-up I made: blocking the loading of the tree view until after the loading of the tree view.
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Menulists do not properly return to the last selected state on startup. r=philipp
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