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9 months ago
This is a meta bug to track all the things that should be got into the next release of OpenH264 v1.8.0.


9 months ago
Depends on: 1481139


9 months ago
Depends on: 1479669, 1479670, 1479831
Depends on: 1485134
Depends on: 1485208
Depends on: 1485229
Depends on: 1485232


8 months ago
No longer depends on: 1479831, 1485229, 1485232, 1479669, 1479670, 1485134, 1485208

Comment 1

8 months ago
The bugs of 1479831, 1485229, 1485232, 1479669, 1479670, 1481139, 1485134, 1485208 are found in the master branch. The v1.8.0 branch ( is not affected. 
So created another mega bug(, and move all theses bugs to that one.

Comment 2

8 months ago
As the bug has been fixed, I think the gmp-openh264 v1.8.0 is ready to pickup. The code branch is v1.8-Firefox39: The current tip commit is

As shown in the RELEASE note (, this release is mostly a maintenance release. 

- Add meson build for Linux/Windows platform
- Disable background detection for screen route
- Add a workaround for Visual Studio 2013 C++ x64 compiler bug on AVX2. That bug will cause crash and has been fixed in Visual Studio 2014
- Change the default profile from baseline to high if user does not set it and CABAC is specified
- Skip frames that are marked as IDR due to scene change and simultaneously marked as skip frame to reduce bit rate
- Refine threshold calculation algorithms for rate control in lower frame rate to get better effect
- Encoder return with a specific return value instead of uninitialize encoder when input resolution is invalid
- Refine strategy on level change to avoid frequent IDR. Encoder will not be reset if level is changed to a smaller one
- Support to set the min and max QP values on screen content mode
- Fix a memory issue that may cause encoder crash when temporal layer change
- Corrected some statistics information
- Refine error concealment algorithms to improve user experience
- Support to get information about current output picture is reference picture or not on decoder side
- Bug fix for decoder when 8x8 prediction mode is enabled on the input bitstream
- Enable NEON for ChromeOS devices
- Support for Fuchsia operating systerm
- Support for building arm64 with MSVC
- Remove some warnings when building with MSVC
- Fix clang compiler error when building arm assembly funtions
- Bug fixes for unit test
At this point I lean towards skiping 1.8.0 release and try to update to something after 1.8.0 tracked in bug 1486988.

Comment 4

5 months ago
Release v1.8.1 is ready to pick up now, see Bug 1486988.
If 1.8.0 is not going to be landed can we close this as WON'T FIX?
Flags: needinfo?(drno)
Priority: -- → P3
Yes that sounds right. We won't fix this bug here and instead fix bug 1486988.
Last Resolved: 4 months ago
Flags: needinfo?(drno)
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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