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Titlebar doesn't get collapsed on OSX when running in browser.xhtml due to MozBeforeInitialXULLayout not firing


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Firefox 63
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This is because onBeforeInitialXULLayout doesn't get called, since the MozBeforeInitialXULLayout event never fires. A couple of options:

1) Fire a new event like MozBeforeInitialTopLevelLayout from nsXULWindow::BeforeStartLayout and then update browser.xul to listen to that. I believe we need to keep MozBeforeInitialXULLayout so Fluent can continue to listen to it in non-top-level XUL documents.
2) Change the code listening in browser.js so that we listen for DOMContentLoaded in HTML and MozBeforeInitialXULLayout in XUL. This appears at first glance to be fine functionally, but likely has performance issues.
Just an update here: for some reason MozBeforeInitialXULLayout (and/or MozBeforeInitialTopLevelLayout if we expose it for all top level docs) actually fires before the inline script that listens to it in browser.js runs, so listening to it from the HTML document doesn't work.
Duplicate of this bug: 1484081
Assignee: nobody → bgrinstead
This is an extension of the work in Bug 1473160 to make clear in what environments
various gBrowserInit functions are run. Since we currently use these in an `if` block
in browser.js for "navigator:browser" window types, and browser.xul is the only
navigator:browser window that loads browser.js, this moves the event listeners directly
into browser.xul so it's extra clear that they don't run in non-browser top level windows on OSX.

Also move a few on-event handlers from the <window> tag into this block so they
all happen in one place.
MozBeforeInitialXULLayout doesn't fire in HTML docs. Even if we change it to
start firing for all top-level docs, it ends up firing _before_ the inline script
runs inside of browser.xul. For now, run that logic in DOMContentLoaded to
at least get a more functional browser window.
Gijs, I've moved the listeners directly into browser.xul but would also be happy to move them into browser.js (and then do a runtime check on document.contentType to determine if we are the xhtml browser). The reason I chose the former is that I figured browser.xul was a bit more explicit that it wouldn't be running in non-browser windows, but either place is fine for me.
This also moves the onload/onunload/onclose handlers from the <window> tag to the block and migrates them to use addEventListener, which AFAICT won't be a problem (I don't see any code that overrides window.onload, for instance). Can also punt on either of those changes if you'd prefer.
Here's a version that makes minimal changes and also fixes the bug. If you prefer how things are set up now to how Part 1 changes things, we can go with something like this instead.
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Bug 1482448 - Part 1 - Move window listeners for browser.xul into one place;r=Gijs

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Bug 1482448 - Part 2 - Run gBrowserInit.onBeforeInitialXULLayout in browser.xhtml;r=Gijs

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Part 1 - Move window listeners for browser.xul into one place;r=Gijs
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Part 2 - Run gBrowserInit.onBeforeInitialXULLayout in browser.xhtml;r=Gijs
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