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Switch about:neterror and about:certerror to use Fluent


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(Reporter: johannh, Assigned: eemeli)


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The way we do currently use strings in about:net/certerror is just atrocious. We put all of them in a .dtd and inject them into hidden elements on the page to copy the correct string over into a visible element using .innerHTML. This solution was acceptable for a long time since we lacked a good alternative, but with Fluent coming to untrusted content pages I would really like to end the suffering and use that instead.
One caveat, though: We should only do this after we have completed the work in bug 1463693 and the error pages are un-forked again.
Depends on: 1463693
Blocks: 1486917
Depends on: 1407418
No longer depends on: 1455649

Now that bug 1517528 is complete, the amount of manual work to do this conversion should be drastically reduced, allowing us to do the conversion on both forks in an acceptable amount of time. Nick, can you use the conversion script you worked on in bug 1517528 to fix this bug?

Assignee: nobody → nickcowles9575
Blocks: 1517304
Mentor: jaws, gijskruitbosch+bugs
Depends on: 1517528
Assignee: nickcowles9575 → nobody
No longer blocks: 1517304
Mentor: gijskruitbosch+bugs, jaws
No longer depends on: 1517528

This is blocked by work on Fluent's side, e.g.

FYI we're unforking in bug 1530348, but probably only in 68

Having talked with flod some more, here's our suggestion on how to move forward here:

Let's localize individual phrases, and drop the hole thing about using big changing fragments. We don't want localizers to change the list items anyway. The work in about:blocked is a good inspiration for this.

Given we might not be able to migrate a lot of strings, we can also be more flexible about what the neterror page does after the migration. If you start tackling this bug, loop in Michelle Heubusch for input on that.

Prathiksha has been doing this as part of her internship project.

Blocks: 1544564
Depends on: 1622269
Depends on: 1626064
Depends on: 1628362
See Also: → 1725965

This should get fixed by patch D155951 for bug 1734217.

Assignee: nobody → earo
Blocks: 1734217
No longer blocks: 1734217
See Also: → 1734217
Closed: 2 years ago
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