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user navigation doesn't abort JS location navigation when JS alert() is open


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Steps to reproduce:

Trigger a JS alert() or confirm() modal dialog box from an http/https origin, that sets window.location after it is closed. When the dialog box is open, try navigating to a different site (eg. via the omnibox or a bookmark. (Attached minimal case must be served over http, such as `python3 -m http.server 3333`, as file:// doesn't seem to display the same behavior)

Actual results:

I am redirected to the window.location=".." url, and not the site I entered in the omnibox. The history shows [test.html,, test.html].

Expected results:

I should go to the site I entered in the omnibox, and not where the page wants me to go after the alert is closed. The history should show [, test.html]. I discovered this as my bank has a confirm() dialog when sessions time out that navigates to the bank home page on a cancel. Some times I'll try to navigate away from it and only realize I'm still on my bank's page after I've logged in again. This strikes me as a potential security issue, as it can prevent people from navigating away from a malicious site via omnibar or bookmarks (closing the tab appears to works fine though).
Chrome has the same behavior, this might even be the specified order of operations. (when I go back in history I get the page I navigated to even though it didn't display).
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