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Investigate removing the lresolv hack for Rust builds on MacOS


(Firefox Build System :: General, enhancement, P2)



(Not tracked)


(Reporter: bbouvier, Assigned: glandium)


From bug 1469027 comment 24:

> ::: js/src/gdb/
> @@ +46,5 @@
> > +
> > +# The Rust standard library references libresolv on macOS, so we need to link
> > +# it as a workaround. See also bug 1367932.
> > +if CONFIG['OS_ARCH'] == 'Darwin':
> > +    OS_LIBS += ['-lresolv']
> I don't think you have to fix this here, but maybe we should just start linking
> in dependencies for Rust libraries in the build system itself,
> rather than scattering this stanza around in a bunch of different places.  
> Please file a followup bug?

We do have this hack in a few files under js/, at least.
Keywords: in-triage
Keywords: in-triage
Priority: -- → P4
Priority: P4 → P1
Assignee: nobody → mh+mozilla
Blocks: 1742749
No longer blocks: 1742749

One complication, 3 years later, is that now one crate also prints out dependency info for nss, but cargo won't give out the info about the paths, so the whole thing fails because nss can't be found.

Priority: P1 → P2
Severity: normal → S3
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