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Update builders to rustc 1.57


(Firefox Build System :: Toolchains, task)



(firefox96 fixed)

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firefox96 --- fixed


(Reporter: glandium, Assigned: glandium)


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Blocks: 1736970
Depends on: 1736486
Depends on: 1489995

Does Rust 1.56 for FF95 need to bumped to 1.56.1 to address ?

No longer depends on: 1489995
Depends on: 1742910
Pushed by
Update builders to rustc 1.57. r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,mhentges
Blocks: 1738133
Pushed by
Remove unused field in FirefoxProcess. r=bustage-fix
Pushed by
Allow PrimitiveInstanceData to be detected as dead code.
Backed out changeset e18ce7acc1d5 for causing wd failures in mozilla/webdriver/new_session/ CLOSED TREE
Attachment #9253518 - Attachment description: Bug 1742749 - Remove unused field in FirefoxProcess. → Bug 1742749 - Allow "unused" field in FirefoxProcess.
Pushed by
Allow "unused" field in FirefoxProcess. CLOSED TREE

instead of marking it possibly dead-code. This has the same effect on
the rust >= 1.57 warning, but is more correct, since without repr(C),
it's not actually FFI-safe.

Pushed by
Allow unused Scope::name. r=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
See Also: → 1744156
Regressions: 1744212
Pushed by
Mark PrimitiveInstanceData as repr(C). r=gfx-reviewers,gw
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