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Submitted crashes are cached in about:crashes until page is reloaded


(Toolkit :: Crash Reporting, defect)

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Tracking Status
firefox64 --- affected


(Reporter: osmose, Unassigned)




1. Visit about:crashcontent to generate a content crash. Do not submit it.
2. Open about:crashes.
3. Submit the new crash and observe it appear in the "submitted crashes" list.
4. Visit about:crashcontent again to generate a new content crash. Do not submit it.
5. Refresh about:crashes to see the new crash in the unsubmitted list.
6. Click "Clear All" above the submitted crashes list to remove all submitted crashes.
7. Without reloading the page, click the "Submit" button next to the unsubmitted crash.

Expected: The unsubmitted crash is moved to the "submitted crashes" list, and is the only crash in the list.
Actual: The unsubmitted crash is moved to the "submitted crashes" list, and the previously-deleted crashes are re-added to the list.

Refreshing the page removes the re-added crashes, so this is probably an issue with caching the crash list in the page itself and not actually a problem with crashes being re-added to the crash storage.
Component: General → Crash Reporting
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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