Support enterkeyhint and deprecate mozactionhint




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Steps to reproduce:

enterkeylabel is a standardization of mozactionhint (with previous addition)

Actual results:

Not supported

Expected results:

Support the new attribute and pass the WPT tests


7 months ago
Summary: Support enterkeylabel and deprecate mozactionhint → Support enterkeyhint nd deprecate mozactionhint

Comment 1

7 months ago
Summary: Support enterkeyhint nd deprecate mozactionhint → Support enterkeyhint and deprecate mozactionhinta

Comment 2

7 months ago
Clearly I wasn't awake when I submitted this. It should reference enterkeyhint

Comment 3

7 months ago
So if I understand correctly, this requires two changes:

1)  Adding an IDL attribute with reflection for the new attributes.

2)  Adding UI functionality to actually change what the user is shown based on those attributes.

Is that correct?

Should UAs avoid doing #1 until #2 is done, to allow feature-detection?   What should happen on platforms where #2 is not really possible (because there is no virtual keyboard)?
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Comment 5

7 months ago
You need to do 1).

And for 2 you should already have the support on Android (except for the previous value but should be trivial to add).

This is only used as a hint so feature detection I don't think is necessary. Chrome only has control of this on Android but we do read and reflect the attribute on all platforms.
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Comment 6

6 months ago
Setting the component in order to involve the development team in reviewing this issue.
Component: Untriaged → Keyboard Navigation
That's the wrong component, as well as the wrong product, for what needs to be done here.
Component: Keyboard Navigation → DOM
Ever confirmed: true
Product: Firefox → Core
Summary: Support enterkeyhint and deprecate mozactionhinta → Support enterkeyhint and deprecate mozactionhint
So what needs to happen is:

1)  Sending an intent to implement (and ship?)
2)  Adding ... on which elements?  Spec has it for all HTML elements, but we don't generally support this stuff for non-form-controls.   I still have open questions around feature-detection here and whether sites will end up switching on whether the attribute is present on various types of elements.   In particular, it's not clear to me that we want to support the reflection on elements on which we don't use the attribute.
3)  In IMEStateManager::SetIMEState (in dom/events/IMEStateManager.cpp) we want to consider this attribute in the case where it currently does GetAttr(nsGkAtoms::moz_action_hint).  Looks like that's only for input and textarea, so we may want to limit exposure of the IDL reflection to those elements until that changes...
Priority: -- → P2
Component: DOM → DOM: Core & HTML
Product: Core → Core
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