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[Fennec][MacOS] javac cannot find symbol - code related to crash handling


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"./mach build" on MacOS currently fails because of "cannot find symbol" javac errors in  :app:compileOfficialWithoutGeckoBinariesNoMinApiPhotonDebugJavaWithJavac

They all seem to be related to the code for crash handling, code which has been changed recently in bug 1483329.

The interesting part is that local Linux builds are successful for the same codebase and same java version - 1.8.0_181 and there have also been successful try builds like 

Issue is reproducing on 3 different stations.

First error is
> ..../ error: cannot find symbol
>           intent.setClass(this, CrashReporterActivity.class);
>                                 ^
>           symbol:   class CrashReporterActivity
>           location: class CrashHandlerService`

Then if we are to comment we get a lot of other errors starting with
> ..../ error: cannot find symbol
>           setContentView(R.layout.crash_reporter);
>                                  ^
>           symbol:   variable crash_reporter
>           location: class layout
> ..../ error: cannot find symbol
>           final CheckBox allowContactCheckBox = (CheckBox) findViewById(;
>                                                                             ^
>           symbol:   variable allow_contact
>           location: class id
> ..../ warning: [cast] redundant cast to <any>
>           final CheckBox allowContactCheckBox = (CheckBox) findViewById(;
>                                                 ^
Blocks: 1483993
This issue seems to have appeared after recent work regarding the crash handling API, tracked in bug 1483329
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Yeah, looks like I broke --disable-crashreporter, which is always used when building on Mac.
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Fix Fennec build sans MOZ_CRASHREPORTER r=droeh
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