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[remote-dbg-next] Review CSS used for ConnectPage


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Follow up to Bug 1489872 

See comments in

- all sections in Connect should have the same width, maybe avoid hardcoding it in px
- do not render empty <ul></ul> when there are no network locations (I think we should rather render "something" such as "No network location saved" or something similar)
- use grid for connect-page__section__title
Priority: P3 → P2
Assignee: nobody → balbeza
Priority: P2 → P1
Hi Victoria, I couldn't find in about:preferences a section heading with an icon, so I'm not sure how big they should be – and how separate from the text.

I have tentatively set a height of 1.25em and a margin from the text of 0.25em –what appears on the attached screenshot–, but would like your input here. Thanks! 🙏
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Hi Victoria, other measurements we'd need is the distance between the container and the number points, as well as the distance between those and the text (highlighted in red). Thanks!
- Fixed some values so they match what it's being used in about:preferences (font sizes, margins, etc.)
- Fixed page width in Connect page
- Refactored some rules to be more generic and not tied up to this specific component
- Now a default message appears instead of an empty <ul> when there are no network locations in the list
- Adjusted icon & alignment in the Connect sections' headings
Hi Belén, indeed, looks like there's no established pattern for these.

I like how the section heading icons look! 

As for the numbered list, I like the numbers to be left-aligned with the heading text (so looks like it just needs to be nudged left a few px). As for distance between numbers and text, I would suggest the equivalent of 8px (there's a general "multiples of 4px" grid system in Photon that I'm trying to line up with more).

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