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No more tray icon plugins


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Steps to reproduce:

Hello there!
I am using Fedora 28 with XFCE,
With the new update of Thunderbird 60.0, there is no tray icon plugin still working on it.

Actual results:

I am using Thunderbird for years, but I was okay with it because of FireTray plugin, 
For me and almost all others keeping the on tray/notification area is too much important, such a program it has to be run all the time, but without window open.

Expected results:

I think almost all the famous application are having their tray icon settings within the option of program, no need for such thing to be added through plugins.

I hope you will consider this as a very basic feature which the app should has it.
Thank you

Regression on it's finest...

Birdtray is a nice solution. However, I do not want to use 3rd-party-tools to circumvent such shortcomings. I neither liked to use addons like firetray, but it was possible, at least. I expect my mail program to be able to integrate such SIMPLE THINGS on it's own!

This is a shortcoming since TB was released, circumvented by addons for years. Now these addons do not seem to work anymore and no one even looked at implementing the most useful addons beforehand. Thunderbird really became unusable for me right now, I already missed some time constraint mails and I cannot/will not accept that. I do understand that addons are security risks, however they are MY responsibility, not yours. And if you remove a large portion of their flexibility, at least consider implementing some important/basic ones BEFOREHAND.

Programs like Firefox and Thunderbird are mostly alive, because tech-affine ppl install them on as many devices as possible (family, etc.). With every regression I encounter, I'm less willingly to do so.

I used Thunderbird for 15+ years now. I don't want to replace it, but I will if I have to.

Sorry, there are no plans to provide this. bug 208923 now lists all the current workarounds

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Closed: 4 months ago
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Duplicate of bug: 208923
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