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Upgrade to SQLite 3.25.1


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"SQLite version 3.25.0 is a regularly scheduled maintenance release. Two big enhancements in this release:

    Support for window functions was added, using the PostgreSQL documentation as the baseline.

    The ALTER TABLE command was enhanced to support renaming of columns, and so that column and table renames are propagated into trigger bodies and views. 

In addition, there are various performance enhancements and minor fixes.

One bug of note is ticket 9936b2fa443fec which describes a hard-to-reach condition where the ORDER BY LIMIT optimization might cause an infinite loop during query evaluation. This ticket raised a lot of concern on HackerNews and Reddit, probably due to my choice of the ticket title. "Infinite Loop" sounds scary. But I argue that the bug isn't really all that bad in that it is very difficult to reach, will show up during testing (rather than magically appearing after a product is deployed), does not cause any data loss, and does not return an incorrect result. It was an important error, but not nearly as dire as many people interpreted it to be. And, in any event, it is fixed now."
Depends on: SQLite3.24.0
I ran sqlite-snapshot-201809101443 through Try last week without issue, so I don't expect this to be particularly painful. Will aim for later in the week to let it bake a bit in the real world first.
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3.25.1 is coming soon.

* Extra sanity checking added to ALTER TABLE in the 3.25.0 release sometimes raises a false-positive when the table being modified has a trigger that updates a virtual table. The false-positive caused the ALTER TABLE to rollback, thus leaving the schema unchanged. Ticket b41031ea2b537237.
* The fix in the 3.25.0 release for the endless-loop in the byte-code associated with the ORDER BY LIMIT optimization did not work for some queries involving window functions. An additional correction is required. Ticket 510cde277783b5fb
Alias: SQLIte3.25.0 → SQLIte3.25.1
Summary: Upgrade to SQLite 3.25.0 → Upgrade to SQLite 3.25.1

As I mentioned before, I already ran last week's test build through Try across all platforms, so I'm just running Linux64 builds/tests with the final release to save some resources.
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