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Upgrade to SQLite 3.25.3


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"SQLite version 3.25.2 is another patch against 3.25.0 that fixes still more problems associated with the new window function feature and the ALTER TABLE enhancements. Of particular note is the new PRAGMA legacy_alter_table=ON command, which causes the ALTER TABLE RENAME command to behave in the same goofy way that it did before the enhancements found in version 3.25.0 → references to renamed tables that are inside the bodies of triggers and views are not updated. The legacy behavior is arguably a bug, but some programs depend on the older buggy behavior. The 3.25.2 release also contains a fix to window function processing for VIEWs. There also a slew of other minor fixes that affect obscure compile-time options. See the Fossil Timeline for details."
Depends on: SQLIte3.25.1
Marco, any urgency for this on your end?
Ever confirmed: true
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FWIW, there's already been a few more commits to upstream branch-3.25, so I wouldn't be shocked if there's going to be a 3.25.3 release coming in the near-ish future.
No urgency, we don't use the new features yet. And I agree with comment 2 that looks like there will be another dot version, let's wait a bit for now.
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2018-11-05 - Release 3.25.3
SQLite version 3.25.3 is a third patch against 3.25.0 that fixes various problems that have come to light and which seem serious enough to justify a patch.

Want to take it, Marco?
Alias: SQLIte3.25.2 → SQLIte3.25.3
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Summary: Upgrade to SQLite 3.25.2 → Upgrade to SQLite 3.25.3
yep, this one's good, even if they are very unlikely to affect us. Though someone may start using window functions.
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Assignee: nobody → ryanvm
I'm thinking I'll try to uplift this to Beta as well. Though maybe without the version bump in
(In reply to Ryan VanderMeulen [:RyanVM] from comment #6)
> I'm thinking I'll try to uplift this to Beta as well. Though maybe without
> the version bump in

I don't think it's necessary, the fixes are unlikely to affect us, as I said. Just good to have for fixes to new features.
OK, fine by me.
Closed: Last year
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla65
Blocks: SQLIte3.26.0
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