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L10N for for survey - Search Shortcuts


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Survey needs to be localized for markets where we are conducting a Shield experiment on Search Shortcuts

Note- DE and FR are higher priority than the others.
Also, we want to run the survey in GB.

So, the priority locals are: DE, FR, CB.
I will file a bug on the l10n side as a blocker for this bug. And we can discuss the details there. This will go through an l10n agency.
A few questions:

1). Does India require Hindi or English will do? 
2). For GB, does current English work for the market or do you need localization agency to make it into en-GB (which also work for India).
3). Do we want our Spanish international Spanish or for Spain only?
Answers to the questions:

1. we don't need Hindi
2. For GB, can we leverage our own resources to check and alter few words as needed?
3. Spanish is not needed.

We need the survey translated in only two languages: German and French.
@Maria, Are we still targeting the markets listed above or are we conducting the survey only in Germany and France. For the other markets, the survey will be in English?
Attached file Translations Export
Here are the survey question fields. 

Do we need new images for the survey as well?
@Tyler - we do not need new images?

@Peiying - We will do the survey only in German and French.
@Peiying - Have you sent this survey for translation?
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QA Contact: tspurway
QA Contact: tspurway
@Maria, yes  the translation request was sent out. Do you have a deadline? I have it set as Thursday (October 11). If you need it sooner, let me know.

Also, is there time for in-context linguistic review? The agency will add the task if we can compile the localized survey on staging. Let me know.
Flags: needinfo?(pmo)
Iteration: --- → 64.3 (Oct 12)
Priority: -- → P2
@Peiying - the deadline sounds good.

What is in-context linguistic review? I'm not sure if we need it, can you please elaborate?
@Peiying - the deadline sounds good.

What is in-context linguistic review? I'm not sure if we need it, can you please elaborate?
When the translation is done, you will create the localized survey. If you need it, the agency will review the translation in context, so they see how strings flow from one question to another. Sometimes translation can be correct but in context, there might be better words for certain expressions. The translations will be delivered. If you need the review, we can get it completed by Thursday if testing links are available after the delivery tomorrow.
Hi Peiying, 

Yes, let's get the in-context review going. 

Thanks for your help!
Localization and in-context linguistic review are completed. Please check bug 1496052 for details of this delivery.
Iteration: 64.3 (Oct 12) → 65.1 (Nov 2)
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Iteration: 65.1 (Nov 2) → 64.3 (Oct 12)
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 64
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