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Disable JSDCOV completely


(Testing :: Code Coverage, enhancement)

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(firefox64 fixed)

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firefox64 --- fixed


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This bug is to disable jsdcov completely as it's coverage can be found in jsvm data so we can save resources by not running this build. Furthermore, we now have the ability to run per-test through the test-coverage task meaning that there are no uses for jsdcov that are not already possible with the ccov build.
keep in mind we need to remove the test annotations as well as any code that adds bits to mozinfo or shims for collection in jsdcov.
Assignee: nobody → gmierz2
This patch removes linux64-jsdcov from the available builds on taskcluster along with any hacks used to run it. It also removes any 'coverage' entries that were added to skip tests.
Here's a try push showing that everything is still working as expected:

And with this patch applied, I can no longer schedule jsdov builds.
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Disable linux64-jsdcov completely. r=jmaher
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla64
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