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Remove support for application capturing from our local copy of


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With the changes for getDisplayMedia (Bug 1321221) we plan to stop supporting application capture. When that happens (or perhaps concurrently), we can remove our local modifications for application capture to
I discussed this with :jib and we are planning to keep this around as deprecated for some time after Bug 1321221 lands. We're not planning to fix any bugs in the mean time (e.g. Bug 1466742).
See Also: → 1466742

That might be for beta67 actually, I don't see the values change if I switch between beta67 and release66.

Testing on, prior to the removal, clicking on 'Application' gives a list of screens and windows to share, that is it functions identically to clicking 'Screen' or 'Window'. After the removal, a "OverconstrainedError: Constraints could be not satisfied" error is displayed.

Given the limited number of hits for this in Telemetry and the fact that no one else implemented Application Sharing, I think this is ok. We could remove just the portions of the code and leave the dom/media/* portions in place so it continues to work just like Window sharing, but I don't think it makes sense to retain the extra code when it isn't really used.

This removes all references to application capture except from MediaSourceEnum.
That was left in place so as to not change the enumerated values used

Depends on D28089

Depends on D28090

Depends on D28091

No longer depends on: 1646904
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