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build dump_syms for the host in aarch64 windows builds


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We check for Microsoft's DIA toolkit:

and then we use that information to control whether dump_syms is built on the host or not:

The only problem here is that the first check is a *target* check, not a *host* check, so when we're cross-compiling and the target doesn't have support, we don't build dump_syms, even if the host might have support.

This affects our ability to dump symbols for AArch64 Windows builds.
We could probably just move that check to windows.configure and handle it properly.
Gabriele, are you able to do this?
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Sure, I'll take it.
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Theoretically, there's a problem, but in practice, there isn't one. All that's missing is the DIA SDK path in INCLUDE for the aarch64 builds, which bug 1514209 adds.
I managed to build dump_syms but I also had to add "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\DIA SDK\lib\amd64" to the HOST_LDFLAGS otherwise it would try to link the binary with the ARM64 version of diaguids.lib.
Ah yeah, we definitely don't have host vs. target DIA SDK bits AFAIK, although we only ever need it for the host so it shouldn't be hard to fix.
My understanding from bug 1513284 comment 10 is that this already works, assuming you have the correct flags in HOST_LDFLAGS.  So there's nothing to fix here, correct, Gabriele?
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Yes, you only need the "lib/amd64" folder of the DIA SDK in HOST_LDFLAGS and the "include" folder in the CPPFLAGS.
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OK, marking this bug as such then.
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