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Show graphically relative energy impacts of tabs


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This is implementing the blue bars in the energy impact column in the UX mockup (
It's late to have this in 64, and Bryan agreed this isn't required for MVP, so I have no intent to uplift a patch for this to beta.

I could work on this bug because bug 1553782 isn't confirmed yet, so as far as I understand, I can't work fully on it before it is?

I looked at the mockup and the graphical bar doesn't seem to grow linearly based on energy impact, should it grow in some kind of steps? How about if energy impact is low, the bar would be 0-10% of the width of the element, 10-50% for medium and 50-100% for high? And the energy impact can be higher than 100%? In that case, then you need to find the highest energy impact and make it to be 100% wide and all the other high energy impacts in relation to the highest?

Hi Emilio, any chance you could have a quick look at the question asked in ? Thanks!

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So a reduced test-case for that is data:text/html,<div style="--x: 20; width: var(--x)%; height: 50px; background: green"></div>, which only works on Firefox.

I think this is a bug in Firefox. I don't know off the top of my head what the % text tokenizes to, but probably a combination of Number and that should return true in this function.

Flags: needinfo?(emilio) is the fix to the CSS parser, is the spec issue, since we were implementing the spec to the letter.

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My attempt to land the patch with Lando failed because of other changes from bug 1561435 that have landed in the meantime. Any chance you could update the patch? Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

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I fixed the merge conflict, I hope it works now.

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Show graphically relative energy impacts of tabs. r=florian
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Show graphically relative energy impacts of tabs. r=florian
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