Please allow regular ESNI (without DoH)




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6 months ago
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Debian Testing

STR: is hosted on Cloudflare and has an ESNI record:
$ dig TXT +short

But it doesn't seem to work with Nightly:
$ mozregression --launch 2018-10-18 --pref -a
> fl=75f21
> ip=2003:[censored]
> ts=1539908194.146
> visit_scheme=https
> uag=Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:64.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/64.0
> colo=HAM
> spdy=h2
> http=h2
> loc=DE
> tls=TLSv1.3
> sni=plaintext

Screenshot =

> sni=plaintext

> sni=encrypted
It's so cool that Firefox wants to support this.
DoH is not part of the ESNI standard, just mentioned as one way to ensure authenticity and privacy, so I would expect that ESNI just works if it's enabled. Could this be an OS-related problem?

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6 months ago
Posted image unbound.png
With our regular dns configuration it looks basically the same.
> DoH is not part of the ESNI standard

No, but DoH is required by Firefox to get ESNI going so please first make sure you have that enabled!

Comment 3

6 months ago
Thank you for supporting ESNI at all! :) But sorry for the misunderstanding.

I have two concerns, while not knowing your general plans:
* ESNI shouldn't be artifically restricted to DoH.
  I would assume that Firefox has a mature DNS library or would switch to c-ares or will oxidize[1] to TRust-DNS[2] sooner.
  Adding this to the appropriate meta bug for later would be fine, but awesome if it would be just a small change.


  * ESNI should be enabled by default at a later stage:
    If someome is not part of an organization and doesn't have a secure DNS via VPN, DoH or DoT,
    ESNI would still protect TLS connections leaving the ISP
    to prevent combination of intercepted Source IP + SNI with other tracking intel.
    If problems are expected with corporate environments, it could be disabled by default for ESR.
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
Summary: Regular ESNI doesn't seem to work → Please allow regular ESNI (without DoH)
Priority: -- → P5
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Comment 4

6 months ago
I have tested with Stubby and Dnscrypt-Proxy with DOT and DOH.
It seems to fail the ESNI test. May I know why?


Comment 5

6 months ago
> "I'm wondering why DoH is a requirement to enable ESNI?"
> For technical reasons. That's the only code for "raw" DNS packet handling we have in Firefox.

They want to get a foot in the door for ESNI. This seems to be an absolute MVP as
* there's currently no support for ESNI using the system's resolver (this bug),
* enforcing long-term privacy breaks ESNI (bug 1500526), and
* you can't even enforce SNI privacy for testing purposes.
So I assume we just have to be patient.

Comment 6

13 days ago

I use dnscrypt-proxy found at which already has DoH/ESNI implemented, so Firefox should be able to detect that and be aware of it, that way I don't have configure DoH in Firefox to ensure ESNI working.

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