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Firefox fails WPT test css-grid/parsing/grid-template-areas-valid.html (due to preserving whitespace when parsing grid-template-areas tokens)


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We're apparently the only browser with failures in this test:

As noted in the source code there,
> // Firefox preserves specific whitespace [...]
> // Other browsers consolidate to ' ' [...]

I'm attaching a testcase to demonstrate this. Chrome gives the same string on each line of the results, whereas Firefox shows different amounts of spaces and/or "\9" (tab) characters.
I don't see any requirement in the spec that white-space should be normalized.
"Computed value: 	the keyword none or a list of string values"
If anything, I read that as "return the strings that were specified"
which is what we do, IIRC.
Looks like the test-author (Eric Willigers) has a bugzilla account -- let's check in with him.

Hi Eric!  See comment 1 - can you comment on this expectation about whitespace serialization in your test?  Is there any spec text that justifies the test's expectation?
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I was going with the majority as I found the spec unclear. I have no specific expertise for these properties.

Serialization is often under-specified.
"Note: The rules described here outlines the general principles of serialization. For legacy reasons, some properties serialize in a different manner, which is intentionally undefined here due to lack of resources. Please consult your local reverse-engineer for details."

I wrote test_valid_value to accept an array of tolerated serializations. mrego has pushed back against such usage, e.g.
"Then IMHO we shouldn't check both things and some browsers will see a failure and eventually fix the issue (or re-discuss the topic if they don't agree)."

Where browsers' serializations differ, I have noted these with comments in the tests, and/or have raised browser bugs and linked to them in the tests' pull requests. Where the spec is not obvious, I have treated it as a judgement call whether to accept a variety of serializations, or mandate a specific serialization. Reviewers can (and do) challenge my judgement calls. I have avoided the Chromium->WPT import process for these tests, to maximize cross-browser engagement.
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(In reply to Eric Willigers from comment #3)
> I wrote test_valid_value to accept an array of tolerated serializations.
> mrego has pushed back against such usage, e.g.

I agree with @mrego in that particular case, i.e. redundant keywords MUST be
omitted when serializing values.  Including them is not compliant with CSSOM.

I filed bug 1500708 on our 'grid-auto-flow' serialization not being
the shortest form and I'll correct the grid-auto-flow-valid.html WPT there.
Please file bugs if you know about more cases like that!


Serializing a <string> on the other hand is different.  The CSSOM spec says:
  The string _serialized as a string_."

and white-space normalization is NOT allowed there:

So, this is a bug in Chrome.
I've filed
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID updates the WPT to show Firefox passing.
It appears the CSSWG has now decided to change the spec:
Resolution: INVALID → ---
Blocks: 1514265

We already have a bug open on implementing that spec resolution...

Closed: 4 years ago3 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
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