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[meta] Return |mach bootstrap| for mobile/android to health


(Firefox Build System :: Bootstrap Configuration, enhancement)

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|mach bootstrap| for mobile/android has rotted:

- it doesn't install Rust toolchains correctly (Bug 1326393)
- it's failing to install the correct version of the JDK (Bug 1438167, and many duplicates)... which is hilarious, because we don't actually need to do this any more: Gradle installs whatever it needs as long as we have a JRE (any modern version, AFAIK).
- it doesn't try to use automation toolchains ({linux64,macosx64}-clang)

It would be nice if it was more helpful, too:

- could it suggest sccache
- could it help you configure icecream if you're in an office?

Bug 1477487 basically addressed this; we have a healthy mach bootstrap for mobile/android right now. However, it will rot soon enough, so I'm going to keep this open. And the sccache/icecream stuff is still outstanding.

Depends on: 1477487

I'm going to work on making bootstrap install sccache and having configure auto-enable it if present in the near future, so don't worry about that too much. We're working with IT to replace icecream with distributed sccache in offices, so once we get things settled there we can figure out what the right course of action is.

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