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[remote-dbg-next] Support for several USB devices connected simultaneously


(DevTools :: about:debugging, enhancement, P1)



(firefox66 verified, firefox67 verified, firefox68 verified)

Firefox 66
Tracking Status
firefox66 --- verified
firefox67 --- verified
firefox68 --- verified


(Reporter: jdescottes, Assigned: daisuke)


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- on device A with firefox for android, enable USB debugging and connect to the computer via USB
- same on another device
- enable new about:debugging, make sure ADB extension is installed
- open about:debugging
=> Check what happens in about:debugging in this situation:
- are both devices visible in the sidebar?
- can you connect to both devices simultaneously?

So far we have only tested one USB device connected at a time. We need to check what happens if we attempt to connect more than one. If there are limitations, we will file follow up bugs to address them.
Please test
Flags: needinfo?(dakatsuka)
Here is a list of actions and results when testing simultaneously a:
- Moto G(4) Android 7.0
- Galaxy Tab 4 Android 5.0.2

As suggested by Harald in the document, this may be a driver issue so I shall revisit these two devices again once I have downloaded the extra drivers.
Priority: P3 → P2
I have tested two Pixel 2 (Android 8.1.0)  with m-c of today.
Then have connected both devices via USB (and the setup for debugging).

As conclude, the sidebar does not display any devices at all in my environment.
And an error was occurred:
`JavaScript error: , line 0: uncaught exception: BAD_RESPONSE`
But there was no information where does the error come from.
We need to investigate.
Flags: needinfo?(dakatsuka)
Assignee: nobody → dakatsuka
Priority: P2 → P1
Depends on D14709

So far, because we supported only single device, we could correspond to
disconnection by following code. From now, because we will support multi
devices, fix the code that changes the status.
Pushed by
Execute adb shell command to specified device. r=jdescottes
Prepare port forwarding for specified device. r=jdescottes
Corresponds to USB device disconnection. r=jdescottes
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 66
Duplicate of this bug: 916700

Verified on several machines: Windows 10, MAC OS X, Ubuntu 16.04 using following devices: Xiaomi Pocophone F1 / Sony Xperia X. Both devices could be connected simultaneously.

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