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Fix clang-format around JS_FN_HELP


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These JS_FN_HELP macro uses have their own line breaking for the messages that gets mangled by clang-format.

These probably should be |clang-format off| for line breaking, but probably could stand to have their formatting manually fixed to be more consistent (eg. add missing leading whitespace). Similarly I wonder if parameter 5 should be consistently on the first line.
I wonder if this (from clang-format):

  JS_FN_HELP("setSavedStacksRNGState", SetSavedStacksRNGState, 1, 0,
             "  Set this compartment's SavedStacks' RNG state.\n"),

is actually nicer than what we have now:

    JS_FN_HELP("setSavedStacksRNGState", SetSavedStacksRNGState, 1, 0,
"  Set this compartment's SavedStacks' RNG state.\n"),

It might make sense to use the first style everywhere and ensure 80 cols so clang-format won't touch it?
It might be nice to use C++11 raw string literals so we don't have to add \n ourselves. Something like:

  Run the garbage collector. When obj is given, GC only its zone.
  If 'zone' is given, GC any zones that were scheduled for
  GC via schedulegc.
  If 'shrinking' is passed as the optional second argument, perform a
  shrinking GC rather than a normal GC.)"),

Unfortunately this adds a leading \n but maybe we can skip that somehow.
I'd also support just a |clang-format off| to get it off our plate. In the future we can change how \n are used in string too to make it a little prettier.
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Add clang-format off/on annotations for JSFunctionSpecWithHelp arrays. r=tcampbell
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OK for uplift to ESR60 as part of the clang-format project.
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