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[meta] Cleanups in js/ for tree clang-format changes


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(Keywords: meta)

Tracking meta-bug for js/ issues related to upcoming clang-format policy enforcement in mozilla-central.

This is the sample of what changes will look at:

Add blocking bugs for specific concerns or ignores that are justified.
Depends on: 1508063
Depends on: 1508064
Depends on: 1508065
Depends on: 1508067
Depends on: 1508069
Depends on: 1508095
Depends on: 1508097
Depends on: 1508098
Depends on: 1508106
Depends on: 1508160
Depends on: 1508176
Depends on: 1508178
According to the plan, we're going to apply the clang-format also to mozilla-esr60 branch,
that means most of the issues listed here will also happen there.

we'll need to backport them, to avoid the formatting issue, and also to make it easier to backport other critical changes.
An important thing I forgot to mention when exploring this stuff is that js/src/.clang-format exists in tree and running |mach clang-format| on js/src files will give slightly strange results. Bug 1508128 will fix this but in the mean time, you should apply the patch there locally when experimenting with clang-format results.
Depends on: 1508255
Depends on: 1508180
Depends on: 1509010
Depends on: 1509025
Summary: Cleanups in js/ for tree clang-format changes → [meta] Cleanups in js/ for tree clang-format changes
Depends on: 1510128
Depends on: 1510535
Depends on: 1499323
Depends on: 1510682
Depends on: 1513555
Type: defect → task

Ted, can we close this bug?

Flags: needinfo?(tcampbell)

Yeah, let's close this. I think it was a success. The remaining open bugs are low priority nice-to-haves.

Closed: 5 years ago
Flags: needinfo?(tcampbell)
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