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Please add a footer containing links to searchfox bugzilla component and searchfox sources


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To simplify the life of users or potential contributors.
Can you expand on what you'd like to see? Are you talking about the main page? Or code/dir listing pages? What do you mean by links to sources?
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Sure, an example:

We could have 
"Source code / Report a bug"
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Still not really clear to me what is the use case you're trying to address. Specifically, if you're on searchfox, you are already browsing the source code - if you are looking to *modify* the code then just blindly pointing to a git/hg repo isn't going to be useful at all, pointing to the instructions on MDN on how to get a dev environment set up would be better.

Bug 1448334 will help wrt reporting bugs.
Depends on: 1448334
I am talking about the searchfox sources, not fx :)
That makes a lot more sense then. Thanks for the clarification.
No longer depends on: 1448334
Summary: Please add a footer containing links to bugzilla and sources → Please add a footer containing links to searchfox bugzilla component and searchfox sources
Whiteboard: [good first bug]
Whiteboard: [good first bug]

I'm doing this while adding liquid templates for the new pipeline-server stuff. I expect we will experience some iteration on this and then we can back-propagate this into the rust and JS formatting layers.

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This has been implemented in bug 1783761 for everything but the source listing pages. They'll get the footer whenever we next do non-trivial changes to source listings so that there's more templating involved in the page structure.

Closed: 2 years ago
Depends on: 1783761
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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