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Stop creating a list of nodes in the DOM for builtin areas in CustomizableUI


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Firefox 65
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After bug 1505734 this was pushed into the CUI code. However, it's quite expensive, and with the demise of XPCOM add-ons the list should be fully predictable, meaning we shouldn't need to check the DOM, which would make this code cheaper. Profiles indicate this loses us a few ms on startup. :bgrins has a profile.
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Whiteboard: [fxperf:p1]
Here's the referenced profile: I had consistently seen this as ~15ms on a local build pre Bug 1505734.

I just did a new run and am seeing only 3-4ms on registerToolbarNode. This could be either the move away from XBL somehow made this faster, or just inconsistency in measurements (different hardware, OS version, etc). 

`./mach talos-test -a tpaint --gecko-profile` (new window time only) - 3ms -
`./mach talos-test -a ts_paint --gecko-profile --cycles 2` - 4ms -

I'll do a talos-other try push with --talos-profile and see what those look like.
Push with a bunch of profiles: If I click on "open in" on something like ts_paint and filter on "registertoolbarnode" I see generally 2-4ms there as well.

This is less than I remember, but after re-looking at the referenced profile in Comment 1, registerToolbarNode was only a part of the toolbar_XBL_contructor time (~4ms out of ~12). The rest of the time seemed to be firing other XBL constructors (more toolbars and tabbrowser-tabs).

Even still, this is all happening before first paint so even dropping a few ms would be a win.
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avoid calling buildArea for all the builtin toolbars, r=jaws,bgrins
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