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Display All Files (*.*) file types when saving attachment


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Steps to reproduce:


I am using Thunderbird 60.3.1 on Linux. I suppose the following issue exists on other OS but did not check.

Wen clicking on an attachment, you can choose to open it or to save it. When choosing to save it, the common "save as" window appears.

Actual results:

This "save as" window only shows files that are the same type than the attachment. I think that this is very disturbing for most users : I have seen many users saying "It must not be the right folder, my files are not here" or "All my files have disappeared!".

Expected results:

This file type filter is probably useful in some case, but I believe is not most of the time. Moreover, it is disturbing for many users. I believe it would be better for usability if the "save attachment as" windows would show all file types by default.

This is already what happens when you right click on message and choose "Save as…".

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There is a pulldown that lets you choose "All Files (*.*)". Does that not work on Linux. Or is this a request to make this the default?
Thanks for your answer. The pulldown works prefectly, I am advocating to make "All Files" the default.

I'm not sure we would do this.

Do we see any support requsts on this?

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Summary: Display of file types in when saving attachment → Display All Files (*.*) file types when saving attachment

Never had such a request that I am aware of. Not even in the Get satisfaction days.

The only thing I have seen and it is very recent is

Word opts to offer only word documents in it's save as dialog. Open offer does the same. So I am thinking we would be bucking the trend to even consider showing all files at this time by default.

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Good question. It would be a one liner to changed the filter to .. It's more a matter of opinion. Magnus, do you have one?

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(In reply to Wayne Mery (:wsmwk) from comment #3)

I'm not sure we would do this.

Do we see any support requsts on this?

I didn't see any request for this in a quick search of the m.s.thunderbird archive or mozillaZine.

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Sounds very reasonable to me.

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