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Update Debugger Frontend v111


(DevTools :: Debugger, enhancement, P2)



(firefox66 fixed)

Firefox 66
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firefox66 --- fixed


(Reporter: jlast, Assigned: jlast)




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Assignee: nobody → jlaster
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No longer depends on: 1515644
Blocks: 1515951
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Attachment #9032953 - Flags: review?(lsmyth)
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Looks good.
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Pushed by
[release 111] Add windowless workers UI (#7525). r=lsmyth
[release 111] Update blackbox styles for focused node in tree (#7551). r=lsmyth
[release 111] Address review comments for interface with worker clients. (#7553). r=lsmyth
[release 111] Flow upgrade  to 0.89 (#7526). r=lsmyth
[release 111] re-add support chrome client (#7534). r=lsmyth
[release 111] [symbols] save object property identifiers (#7512). r=lsmyth
[release 111] Stop using immutable for search results (#7506). r=lsmyth
[release 111] Clear the watch expression input box on blur (#7467). r=lsmyth
[release 111] [Parser] Support object destructuring in mapOriginalExpression  (#7394). r=lsmyth
[release 111] [breakpoints] tweak column breakpoints test (#7532). r=lsmyth
[release 111] [frameworks] remove support for identifying react/immutable objects (#7533). r=lsmyth
[release 111] [breakpoints] convert pause points to a list (#7504). r=lsmyth
[release 111] Add a + notation in between shortcut labels (#7507). r=lsmyth
[release 111] Add context menu to breakpoint headings #7474 (#7550). r=lsmyth
Update Debugger Frontend v111. r=lsmyth
No longer blocks: 1515951
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